Christmas morning in Bangkok

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I slept a big OK last night, 5 hours, sort of. I’m just too excited. Started the day with an English breakfast (missing the steamed tomatoes).

I watched the long boats, barges and house boats glide by on the river as I ate… the sun beat down warmly and the breeze was enough to push the heat around a bit. It’s in the low 90s.

What a fantastic morning! I can not remember the last time I was this on fire. Every cell of me is energized. Not manic. But close. I LOVE Bangkok. The city is historically profound and the people delightfully respectful. I spent an hour or so on a long boat (see 007 in Man of the Golden Gun) on the Chao Phraya which flows through Bangkok, in fact outside my hotel window, and into the Gulf of Thailand. It’s high tide right now in the winter of their content, and the river is ruled by a number of locks. The river cuts through the center of the country and its etymology is derived from mother water. The nickname is River of the Kings.

I need to rent a car and drive to Jim Thompson’s house as well as get my female on at the market. So much to write, but if I continue to sit here I will miss the day. I was told I should take their transit but driving on the wrong side of the road is just too much of a siren to this Ulysses.

Tonight I’m heading over by boat to see traditional Thai dance and the girly boy show (when in Bangkok…)

Merry Christmas my American friends and family!

PS – How about that huge monitor lizard on the banks of the river eating a turtle. I asked Bank (my guide) who’s relative that might be since he believes in reincarnation and had he or she lived a good or bad life… he just laughed.

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