Back at the ranch

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Landed last night. This was the best trip EVER! And to prove that it was amazing, my suitcase decided to stay behind and enjoy it a little longer. I truly hope it’s having a wonderful time because I miss it. However, I don’t miss it so much that it will not be replaced if it doesn’t come back soon.

The 27 hours of flying was grueling but just fine. I finally had a bagel today so hopefully that will turn my stomach around.

I got home around 12:30 am and finally crawled into my most perfect bed around 3. I can’t remember a thing after that.  Up at 9 am this morning so I may be just fine. It always flying East (Europe and Africa) that I have trouble with, not flying West (Australia and Asia).

So my luggage is MIA at this point. We’ll see how long it takes to get back to me. It still was a perfect trip, albeit souvenir-less without my suitcase. That would be disappointing but I still have the stories, and they’re pretty awesome.

I have more tiger pictures, and I’m sure I’ll have more stories… just not tonight. Sa wa dee.

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