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yes - I made it

yes – I made it


Landed in Narita (Tokyo) and now on my way to Bangkok. The landing was atop a sheet of glass it was that smooth. The topography of the surrounding city and gently rolling hillsides could have been anywhere in the Midwestern U.S.. The airport was quaint as far as airports go. Very little of the signage was in English; the only signs that I could read were notices that the vendor didn’t except U.S. dollars.

There’s a cadence to the sound of the language that sounds like high-pitched whining to me. That, and the fact that they pronounce my name, “Wucky Windy” reminds me that I cannot roll my r’s in Portuguese no matter how I try, or exert the deep-throated gravelly sounds needed for Arabic without getting a sore throat. I love the differences.

The “football player” looking guys who made up the lion’s share of first class on the leg to Tokyo are now following me to Bangkok, serendipitously, of course. I don’t think any of them is under 7-foot or 350 pounds.

We’re now on a B777 on Nipon Airlines to Bangkok. It’s a bit of a choppy ride, but not too bad. My oldest son said Bangkok is expecting a storm, but the last I looked that was after I land. I’m on some fairly small aircraft over the next week or so… I hope the weather is kind. If not, I have my Rosary and xanax to see me through (in that order).

I think I’ve had about 6 hours total sleep in the last 24-plus hours and I’m just now starting to feel it. (I have dark circles and my cheeks are pink.)

I land in Bangkok in another hour (11:30 pm local) and will hopefully be at the hotel (Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok on Charoenkrung Soi) by 1:00 am after customs and if I’m lucky. I have a full day planned tomorrow beginning at 8:30 am and ending at midnight. Probably a huge stretch but I am so up for it… at least with a couple hours of sleep I will be. Tomorrow I’ll be touring the city of Bangkok including Buddhist temples, palaces, floating markets, and Venice of the East Canals. Tomorrow night I attend a classical Thai dance performance that should be amazing, and well as have “one night in Bangkok” night life included.

As I understand it, the city/country is known for its silk, gemstones, bronze and pewter.

As I sit here on the plane, I hope my suitcase arrives with me and that my driver is there when I arrive. The absence of either might change things up a bit, but whatever. I’ll figure it out. I do love the tea here being the tea lover I am. Not a lot of “sweet” tea which is awesome since that’s how I drink it.

OK – more tomorrow. Merry Christmas my friends. Christ is born

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