Is it brave if it’s simply who you are?

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The life lived with abandon is a life lived indeed.

My grandmother used to call me a crusader. I could do no wrong in her eyes so I knew it was a compliment. She said I was the bravest person she’d ever met… and that it might be the end of me one day. I still smile today when I think of her words. They give me strength and keep the wind in my sails.

Everyone in the world should be loved as much as she loved me. She is my north even as her words guide me today. The reason I bring my grandmother up is that I heard her voice when a friend asked me tonight if I was the least bit afraid of going to Southeast Asia by myself. The answer is no, not the least bit. I am so excited. And empowered. And lucky.

And the harder I work, the luckier I am.







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