Happy New Year FROM CAMBODIA!!

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It’s going to be a AWESOME year folks. It certainly began in a most amazing way. I’m at 5-s Borei Angkor Resort and the property is phenomenal. I was greeting by my personal purser, Daniel, and some interesting treats in a leaf. (Everything good seems to be in a leaf).

I don’t have a lot of time to write since I’m heading to see the ancient temples of Angkor Watt which I was told last night will change by life. SO EXCITED.

The party last night was incredible. I met new friends from Denver and Sydney. We had a blast. They are all business owners which makes perfect sense. It was fascinating to hear their stories. Bob from Denver owns a bunch of furniture stores and was all personality. Neil is a solicitor specializing in precious metals in Sydney, and Magarita owns 4 intimate apparel stores in Sydney. They were a blast and we hailed the new year with party masks, noise makers, (crackers are for Christmas!) and the best local live band ever. Midnight was marked by a huge fireworks display literally over my head. It was so close I kept wanting to cover my head. I just kept laughing, toasting and sipping the champaign. What a night.

I was also delighted to get inundated with well wishes (via text) from the states. First, I was glad to have phone coverage because Laos was so hit and miss and while it feels refreshing, it was also disconcerting. Second, I felt like I had my peeps near. 🙂

OK. I am off on another big adventure today. Peace-out.

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