Fort Canning, Singapore

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Hotel Fort Canning is built on Forbidden Hill. The colonial fort was home to colonialists leaders, and a military base during WWII. It was called Forbidden Hill because beginning in the 1300s it was the burial place for ruling royalty. Today, ancient relics dating back to the 14th century have been found there as well as remnants from the Fort’s gate circa 1860s.

It’s said to be haunted by these royal ghosts of the past. Michael asked if I was OK staying in such a haunted mansion of sorts. My reply, “Oh heck yeah… ”

Michael has also taken to roaming the house chanting, “this is the year there will be no Christmas.” Poor Michael. I mention that I’m quite used to this. It’s the same thing the kids used to say growing up. In fact my daughter wrote a little book about the year we flew to Australia and missed Christmas altogether. “What’s a person to do with two January 3rds anyway?”

Nevertheless, we are prepping for go-time on Monday. Getting quite stoked and ready to rock and roll. We’ve also been inundated with warnings from the State Department on unrest on Java. They wanted us to know it was Trump’s fault for announcing the recognition of the capital of Jerusalem. Again, whatever.

Michael is delighted to finally see the toilet water rotate “backward.”

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