Check one, check two.

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My new Steve Madden hiking boots (yes – he’s a tax evader who has served his time and still makes great shoes) for hiking in a most stylish way, pills of all makes and models and a bag of plugs cause you just never know where you’ll end up.

1. New boots, check. (Yes, Lynnie, those are my hiking boots)

2. Camera, arriving Friday. (Props to my man, Mark-Earnest for direction on the camera selection)

3. Travel laptop, arriving tomorrow. (It’s nice to be a corporate Apple customer)

4. Malaria pills, antibiotics and dessentary pills: check, check, check. (Jeff, you’re the best)

5. Almost too many jokes about visiting the killing fields of Vietnam… priceless. (I have the most awesome family and friends in the world and it’s the real reason I am Lucky Lindy)

I’m almost in Bangkok. I’m there for Christmas, Boxing Day and then off to Laos to ride elephants, pet tigers and hike the mountains.

I still have a few work projects to get off my desk, so focus Lucky, focus. I had a blast chatting with my doc-friend of 20-years-plus yesterday, my GP-plus. He’s the best. And hilarious. And one of the people I count on as guidance in life. How many people can say that about their doctor, really?

And he had great news. Because I have a history of crazy, third-world travel, I don’t need any additional shots and the little yellow card that slips into my passport is in order. He did remind me to only eat fruit that I peel, and food that is cooked. He then told me a personal story: something about washing a piece of fruit in bottled water and a drinking glass at his table in a restaurant in some distant land… well, now that I think about it, it could have been San Ramon for all I know. 🙂

I also believe you shouldn’t eat anything with the eyeballs still in tact. Even I have boundaries and Anthony Boudin waits for the cameras to roll before he ingests the crazy stuff, anyway.

My power adapters are still a question as I will be going through a couple countries with different voltage and configurations. First world problems as they say. As long as I don’t blow anything up by sticking a 110 into a 220. So many numbers… so confusing. LOL

OK – back to my power reading; lots to pour through on my destination countries… like how to say restroom in Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, Japanese and Cambodian.

Stay tuned for the trip of a lifetime (or at least this year) as told by the luckiest girl in the word.

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