Back at the ranch

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Landed last night. This was the best trip EVER! And to prove that it was amazing, my suitcase decided to stay behind and enjoy it a little longer. I truly hope it’s having a wonderful time because I miss it. However, I don’t miss it so much that it will not be replaced if it […]

The good, the bad and the Republican

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And so the world turns. I woke up feeling fine this morning, a little queazy but nothing unusual for travel and the crazy food. Then it hit. Like a wave I was getting chills, red face, and lost yesterday’s dinner which I think was the culprit. Everything was cooked, but who knows what it even […]

poi pot’s revenge

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well, all good things come to an end and mine with a crash. im sick as a dog and in cambodia thats not a good thing. Was carried up to my room – i couldnt make it. im probably dehydrated. the hotel wants to call a doc but all i can think of is poi […]

Raiders of the lost ark

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A back note about arrival in Siem Reap We de-planed from the small aircraft to a waft of fuel exhaust and engine heat. I was the first off the plane and made my way as the line leader to my fellow passengers toward the small terminal building. The building was completely un-signed and it was […]