Simian Away
I always thought I was different. Passionate. Driven. Restless. I likened myself to a snapping turtle when on a project. I snap hard and don’t release until the job is wrapped with a bow. Myopic. Relentless. Trance-like focus.

I’m so unique… or so I thought.

Self-made and pulled up by these two hands and yes, from the bootstraps. Well, about “these two hands…” I am a double-Simian, meaning I have a single line across both hands like 1% of the population, and inside that 1% it’s mostly men. I’m not a fan of the mystical including palm reading, but I’ve only met one other person in my life, my favorite boss and mentor and Chinese gentlemen who had a Simian line on one hand (13% of Asians do). He was passionate, driven and restless and owned several successful businesses. We were besties, as they say.

Yes, I know the etymology of Simian is derived from apes because they once thought that those with the unusual dreaded line were un-envolved. And yes, I know that it’s also an indicator for Down’s Syndrome (my IQ is quite above the poverty line, thank you). And then again, it’s been attributed to various illnesses, none of which I have.

It is, however, also associated with the gifted. (whew! saving grace!) There are a number of double Simian liners who are also high-level creatives, high achievers, numbers-people such as is my fellow double Simian, Tony Blair. I don’t know of any women, period. Well… there is me. So maybe I am unique.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to know why a heart is restless. Why we are compelled to roam and venture out into the unknown. I do believe that our fate does rest in our hands… but it’s what we chose to do, not pre-destined in a line, solid as it may be.